Disabled American Veterans

What You Can Do

Donate & shop thrift!

It’s easy to donate clothing, shoes, housewares, toys, games, tools, and more. Our most popular method is to simply bring your items to a store where they can be processed and you can shop. Items may also be dropped off at any community donation center. Or call us today to schedule a pickup and we can come to you!

Calendar of Events

Oct 2&3 — Oktoberfest 50% OFF Sale
Oct 24 — BooFest 50% OFF Sale
Nov 11 — Veteran’s Day 50% OFF Sale
Nov 27 — Black Friday Sale

Why We Are Needed

Red Racks is a major source of funds for DAV.

The proceeds from the sales of donated goods help our country’s Disabled American Veterans, providing assistance for transportation, medical needs, counselling, and much more. Find out more at DAV.org

Two Ways to Help Veterans SHOP & DONATE Donate Today!
  • Newest Items!
  • Discounted Price Tags

Oct. 5-10, 2015

To find the newest items on our racks, keep your eyes open for BLUE price tags this week!


Oct. 5-10, 2015

To find which price tags are 50% off, watch for YELLOW & ORANGE this week!



And WHITE price tags are 25% off this week!